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In recent years, the smooth development of Sino-Australian bilateral relations, the two sides in economic, trade, culture and education in the field of development and expansion of exchanges, there has been a good situation. In order to promote SMEs in Australia and multi-level, multi-channel, full range of docking, communication and exchange, approved by the relevant agencies, the Australian Association for the Promotion of SMEs exchange was established in Sydney, Australia, and also set up a liaison office in Beijing, China. Australia-China Exchange Association is committed to Australian small and medium exchange and development of small and medium enterprises, member enterprises to provide opportunities for commercial activities and interaction platform. Foundation's mission is to provide the most intimate Australian SMEs, the most satisfactory service. The needs of member companies, is the purpose of our work. Reciprocity and win-win, to help members achieve their dreams is the small and medium enterprises SMEs in Australia and there is the meaning of Exchange Promotion Association, and the value of it.
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