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Australia's leading Bus Building Company

Custom Coaches is proud of its long term association with the Australian Bus Industry. Being a totally Australian owned and operated company for over 50 years, its primary focus has always been to assist in the development and longevity of the bus industry.

However, the reason that Custom Coaches is at the forefront of modern bus building is not from past achievements alone. An emphasis on research and development, with modern design and engineering concepts, have aided in the continual advancement of bus design.

Most importantly, a dedicated team of staff is the fundamental reason why Custom Coaches is in the position it is today. A team comprising of well over 580 people, strategically located in NSW, Queensland and South Australia, is the backbone of Custom Coaches.

From sales staff to the assembly team, from spray-painters to electricians, from repair staff to parts manufacturers, each member brings with them a diverse array of skills and expertise. Furthermore, there is a common goal among all staff at Custom Coaches - a commitment to provide quality vehicles with an unrivaled degree of ongoing service.

Such a commitment is evident in Custom Coaches new vehicle range, from the low floor CB60 Evo II and CB30 citybuses to the multipurpose CB50, SB40 and SB400 buses, and the CB20 and SB30 Midi buses all backed by the company’s after-sales advantage, Custom Care.

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